viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

IF YOU'RE A FAN OF CAMPING, look at this!

This incredible vehicle is called the KiraVan. And you're about to find out exactly why I call it 'incredible'

If you're a fan of camping, chances are you're also a fan of RVs. 

In fact, if you like vehicles, you're probably a fan of RVs. And why not? 

They are the perfect combination between power and comfort. So if you do like going on trips and expeditions, then there is one vehicle you should know about, one vehicle that currently reigns supreme above all else, and that is the KiraVan.

The KiraVan is a formidable off-road RV that has been specifically designed to take you wherever you want to go and back again - safe, sound and comfortable. 

It was invented by Bran Ferren as a mobile learning lab for his daughter Kira (hence the name) but also with teams of photographers and families in mind. 

It can be used for anything from a family trip to a full scale scientific or journalistic expedition, trekking to remote locations with the same ease as on regular roads, and with a lot of amenities besides.

Lets start with how the KiraVan is powered by a 260 horsepower turbodiesel engine, based on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

We will continue with the ability to raise the ceiling and extend pneumatic masts, 
so you can use pretty much any antenna to get a boosted signal for your TV, 
Internet and any other needs.

You can take this off-road behemoth to a range of 2000 miles.

The driver's seat of this truck looks like something out of a futuristic fantasy. 
More like a cockpit than a dashboard.
The KiraVan has 11 screens, six of are touch sensitive.

The KiraVan has 11 screens, six of are touch sensitive.

As we come inside, the entryway also serves as a bathroom, 
complete with shower and toilet of course, which incinerates waste.

A loft bedroom is of course a must.

The galley area of the KiraVan trailer.

The kitchen includes an oven, a stove and a sink.

Lots of storage room for food and water will allow a crew of 3 people 
to go on a 3 week trip without resupplying.

And the ofice, another high-tech dream room.